Friday, April 9 – Competitions, Industry Connections, and AIS Trivia!

Competition Slam Session / Showcase

Learn how this year’s teams approached the three case competitions and grow your network as you compare solutions. Three sessions are dedicated to team video presentations!

Friday: Competition Showcase I (AIS Software Innovation Challenge)
Friday: Competition Showcase II (EY Case Competition)
Saturday: Competition Showcase III (HP Design Thinking Competition)

Product Management Workshop with State Farm

The Agile & Product Management Practices Team is inspiring and educating teams and leaders at State Farm to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.  This mindset along with a continued focus on product discovery enables State Farm to deliver products that make customers happy. During this presentation, professionals from State Farm will explore the approach of managing a product through the entire lifecycle—initiation to sunset. Students will learn how to ensure they are delivering value to their customers and how they can measure success.

Speakers for this session:

  • Sarah Judd
  • Jim Callahan
  • Trenton Wells
  • Stacy Beerup

Industry Panel “What will Industry and the World look like in the New Normal?”

Primary Moderator Tom Meservy, Brigham Young University
Question Moderator Matt Nelson, Illinois State University

Small-Group Career Info Sessions

The Small Group IS Career Informational Sessions are an opportunity for students to ask general questions about IS career paths, career choices, technologies, etc. in a small group setting and hear advice from established professionals in the field about what it takes to be successful.

Conference registration AND session sign-up required. Sign up here.

All Things Blockchain!, presented by State Farm

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology enabling members of a business network to execute transactions in a peer-to-peer fashion. So, what makes blockchain technology so interesting? During this presentation, we’ll examine what exactly is blockchain, real-life use cases looking beyond just cryptocurrencies, the benefits and limitations of this up-and-coming technology and blockchains’ overall sustainability. Come prepared to learn about all things blockchain!

Speakers from State Farm:

  • EllaKate LeFebre
  • Austin Lamb

Low-Code App Development presented by Mendix

Learn how to create an app, navigate the web modeler (Mendix Studio), and how to add and edit app content. Start your path towards certification as a Rapid Application Developer and see why Low Code Development Technologies are expected to have a significant growth in 2021 (

Automation Anywhere Workshop

Hear about real-world problems and solutions, see a demonstration of how to use the software to solve common use cases. Learn about how to use the Community Edition software on your home computer (for free!) to experiment with building basic automations. You can also use the Community Edition to build the exercises and take Automation Anywhere University certifications and get ready to work on a sector that experienced dramatic growth (

AIS Trivia Night!

Our host will be Stephen Walsh with Walsh Trivia. Stephen has appeared on CNN, Business Insider, and CBS This Morning. He has hosted hundreds of trivia games since starting his online company last year and also hosts games for the US embassies across the globe! This trivia is general knowledge trivia that covers a wide variety of categories and topics and it is sure to be a fun time!

Sign up closes at NOON Central this Friday (April 9) ! 

Saturday, April 10 – Student-Led Workshops and Awards Announcements

Chapter-to-Chapter Discussions

Grow your professional network as you meet with student leaders from similarly-sized chapters. After a brief introduction, the group will break into two conversations:

    • A discussion led by Steve Sclarow and the Temple University chapter (winners of the “Student Chapter of the Year” award) about how to keep large, established chapters successful.
    • A discussion led by Michael Erskine and the Middle Tennessee State University chapter (winners of the “Best New Chapter” award) about how to develop new chapters and expand engagement for existing ones.

Managing non-profit IT Projects in an Agile Fashion

The major topics the UF AIS chapter proposes covering are related directly to Agile Development, the particular application of Agile in the non-profit development space, and the benefits of leadership development. Our presentation will portray these ideas through a qualitative analysis of workplace psychology and an interactive ‘Penny Game’ showing shared work time-savings. Some key takeaways for our fellow AIS members will be navigating the non-profit development space, leveraging Zoom and other digital mediums in a fully-online development environment, and the overarching benefits for clients, developers, and leaders in Agile. The proposed value for attendees will improve soft-skills, requirement gathering efficiency, and client satisfaction. Also, attendees will gain a critical perspective on the internal benefits of Agile, such as developing dynamic leaders and increasing developer satisfaction. UF AIS currently utilizes Agile in managing its Technology Consultants to great benefit; thus it is our intention to present the ideas listed above at SCLC 2021.

Session Speakers:

  • Travis Dietz President
  • Justin Horbacz
  • Devin Downs
  • Zachary Machado
  • Isabelle Langner

Women in IS Workshop

The Brigham Young University chapter of AIS is dedicated to increasing the size and diversity of the IS program. The current cohort of IS students in the Junior Core consists of about 25% females. Additionally, the number of females in the integrated MISM is increasing steadily. The IS program and faculty at BYU is committed to increasing the number of females in the program, and their dedication makes a huge difference. The BYU chapter of AIS is constantly focused on supporting diverse students in the program.

Attendees at this workshop to leave with more ideas about how to promote diversity within their program, particularly with the number of females in the program. Attendees can take the ideas they learn about and start enacting them in their own programs.


  • Joslyn Orgill, Co-President
  • Caroline Crane, VP of Marketing
  • Macy Hendrix, VP of Pre-Management
  • Taylor Rees, VP of WAIS

Cyber Security Workshop

In an ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, attackers will most commonly go for the lowest-hanging fruit: you, the user. Social engineering has remained one of the main causes for successful exploits, and it has become a much more common occurrence in the everyday lives of those who interact online – which we all are doing a lot of nowadays. With the increased use of the term “security culture” within all industries, it is important that all individuals be educated in the ways that attackers utilize social engineering tactics to manipulate the user in performing a requested task.

Join us as we discuss what psychological components bad actors use to create extremely successful phishing campaigns and learn for yourself how to analyze the data of an email, like a cybersecurity professional, to determine if the email is phishing.

Session Speaker:

Casey Johnson, Illinois State University

Pre-IS Involvement Workshop

The following is a list of major topics that the workshop will cover:
– Methods for involving Pre-IS students in AIS activities
– Pre-IS geared activities to draw in interested students (particularly females)
– Communication and mentoring tools for Pre-IS students
– Activities that can be geared towards Pre-IS in general (both with COVID
precautions and without)


  • Joslyn Orgill, Co-President
  • Caroline Crane, VP of Marketing
  • Macy Hendrix, VP of Pre-Management
  • Taylor Rees, VP of WAIS

Now You See Me: Open-Source Intelligence and Data Visualization for Career Enhancement

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is quickly becoming an integral part of a variety of fields and career paths. Becoming familiarized with the concept and reasons behind OSINT as well as how to perform basic business intelligence will help to level the information playing field, both in the job market and in competition between companies.

Attendees will have a basic understanding of how OSINT is used in their chosen field and will be able to conduct basic OSINT on their own using freely
available tools and resources. Attendees will also become aware of the risks involved in abuse of specific OSINT tools, as well as the career impact of OSINT generally.

Because nearly every career opportunity will involve some form of OSINT on the part of the hiring manager or HR representative, attendees will be able
to apply what they learn in this workshop to become aware of how they might appear as potential job applicants. Many positions may also encourage or even require some form of business intelligence skill, which attendees will begin to develop as a result of attending the workshop.

Speakers from Utah State University:

  • Jonathan Haroldsen, Security Interest Group President
  • Brian Callister, Security Competition Awareness Specialist
  •  Caleb Menendez, Senior AIS Chapter Member

Technical Development Workshop: Web Scraping with Python

Web scraping is essentially scraping information from the websites by writing a script of code and giving link for Python to pull information from the link. During this session, students will learn how Temple has implemented Technical Development workshops followed by the workshop itself.  This is very easy and short workshop with such powerful knowledge and skills!

Session Speaker:

  • Karina Kondaurova

Virtual Involvement Plan Workshop

The Brigham Young University (BYU) chapter of AIS is dedicated to involve it’s students no matter the circumstances. Though the current COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted our normal ways of life, we all have worked hard to continue to do the things that seem normal to us. With social distancing requirements impeding us from meeting in person, the BYU chapter of AIS has developed a new method of how to run successful activities during a pandemic. We want to share with other chapters how we have continued to successfully run activities, recruiting events, and information sessions. We believe that even through a global pandemic, we can still help students find their community through AIS.

Attendees at this workshop to leave with more ideas about how to successfully promote involvement within their program virtually through the development of a “Virtual Involvement Plan”. Attendees can take the ideas they learn about and start enacting them in their own programs.


  • Caroline Crane, VP of Marketing
  • Joslyn Orgill, Co-President
  • Jamie Cromar, VP of Logistics

Awards Ceremony and Competition Winners Announced / Conference Closing Remarks

Be sure to attend our closing session the 2021 competition winners are announced and to celebrate these 2019-2020 award-winning chapters:

  • Student Chapter of the Year
  • Distinguished Chapter
  • Outstanding Chapter
  • Best New Chapter
  • Outstanding Professional Development
  • Outstanding Membership Activities
  • Outstanding “Careers in IS”
  • Outstanding Community Service
  • Outstanding Fundraising/Fiscal Responsibility
  • Outstanding Communications