Important questions to answer when making a decision to start an AIS chapter:

 Yes  No  Unsure
Do we have an IS program?
Do we have a faculty member willing to serve as faculty advisor?
Are there at least 10 students interested in learning more and/or joining?
Have we explained to our dean the concept, benefits, and investment needed to build a successful student chapter and gained his/her support to continue? (click here to read more)

Chartering a successful student chapter required buy-in from many stakeholders. The questions above help you start the dialogue with everyone who needs to be involved. Additionally, this process is not one that has to be pursued alone. AIS has a team of experts who can guide and counsel you along the way. The Student Chapter Development Team is composed of experienced advisors, students, and AIS staff who can answer your questions and offer guidance.

How to have more ‘yeses’

Contact the AIS Membership Director to register your interest in learning more about student chapters and how to form one.  From there you will be oriented on the steps to follow and the requirements to be met.  The manager will work with you to achieve all ‘yeses’ and enable you to move forward in chartering a successful chapter.

For additional information please review the “Starting a New Chapter” section of the Faculty Advisor Manual.