What are the benefits for faculty of chartering an AIS student chapter?

  • Increase the visibility and prestige of your department both on and off-campus
  • Access shared resources to fast track your student organization
  • Share best practices with an international network of student organizations
  • Network with other faculty advisors

How does a student benefit from joining an AIS student chapters?

  • Gain a competitive advantage to succeed in the IS field
  • Gain worldwide recognition by competing on a global stage in competitions and awards
  • Network with students from around the world by attending conferences or by using our social media site
  • Improve marketability by listing membership, awards, and other activities in student resumes
  • Access to Microsoft Products (pending renewal)

What is the process of starting an AIS student chapter?

The basic process is below. First you need to determine if starting an AIS Student Chapter right for your school. For additional information please click here.

  • Identify an AIS member to be the student chapter faculty advisor
  • Submit your petition for charter
  • Submit a list of founding members (minimum of 10)
  • Submit chapter bylaws draft
  • Submit your annual organizational fee of $495 USD

Are there membership dues?

There are two types of dues or fees that may be paid.

Individual dues

AIS does not charge individual dues. Some chapters choose to charge students a small fee. Your chapter may determine the amount to charge to individual members.

Chapter dues

The chapter pays annual dues to AIS. The fee for most chapters is $495 US. AIS uses the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) to set chapter dues. If you live in a country with a lower HDI, your dues will be less. Please contact studentchapters@aisnet.org with additional questions.

How are chapters recognized for their hard work?

Each year chapters submit an annual report. A committee of advisors reviews the reports and grants the following awards: chapter of the year, distinguished student chapter, outstanding chapter, and several program awards. Click here for details.

Is there an AIS Student Chapters logo that we can use?

Yes! AIS Student Chapter logo is available to active chapters for their use. If you would like to use the logo for promotions for recruitment, please contact studentchapters@aisnet.org

How do we pay our annual renewal fee?

Credit Card
For schools that are applying to be a new chapter
complete the credit card information on the bottom of the paper application and fax it to the fax number listed on the application. We can also generate an invoice for your school after we have the application.

For existing student chapters
-Logon to the AIS website using the chapter’s login information.
-On the manage profile page there is a section called “Invoicing, Payments &History”
-Select “Invoices”
-Select the appropriate Invoice
-Follow the link to pay online

Checks for either existing or new chapters can be mailed to:
Association for Information Systems
P.O. Box 2712
Atlanta, GA 30301

Please include a description the check stub, a note in the memo line, or a note on a separate piece of paper to ensure your check is applied to your chapter dues appropriately.

How can I connect with other AIS student chapter leaders?

There are two great ways to connect with AIS student chapter leaders: