1. In your web browser, go to https://noncredit.temple.edu/AISSCLC2019

2. If you already have an account for noncredit.temple.edu, use the “I have an account already” option to log into your account.

If you need to make an account, complete the information under New User?

If you are registering yourself, click the button next to Register myself. If you are registering more than one person, choose I am registering one or more people. You will be asked to provide the additional registrants’ information before checking out.

If you are registering students, but do not have the student’s names/information yet, you can register as ‘University Student 1’, ‘University Student 2’, etc. Once you know the names of students attending, you can login and change the information.

3. On the next page, in the Registration Package page you will select if you are a Faculty Advisor or Student

4. Fill out all the required information on the Participant Preference form to indicate your T-Shirt size and which Saturday Break-Out sessions you are interested in then click continue.

5. If you entered as a new user you will be asked to provide your address information.

6. In this page you will see all the items in your cart and the total amount you have to pay. There is no Promo Code for this conference.

Check the check box in the Policy Confirmation section to confirm that you read and understand the Registration Policies, then click Confirm Registration.

Click continue to Pay and Register.

7. Provide the Credit Card Information and click Continue.

Once you have purchased the Conference you will be taken to the Transaction Receipt.

You will also receive the receipt in your email soon after completing the registration.