On-Site Guide

This on-site guide is meant to give you the information you need to get around to the different conference events. We have provided information that will be helpful once you have arrived in Dallas, and should help you have an enjoyable time during the conference.

Conference Event Locations

Refer to the schedule for details on where things will be happening.

Dress Code

Thursday night – Casual
  • We’ll be at the Southfork Ranch so we suggest wearing something you’re comfortable doing some light physical activity in.
Friday – Business Professional
  • We’ll be visiting companies, attending leadership sessions, and competing during the day. The awards dinner will be at 6PM Friday evening.
  • For the social activity after the awards dinner, you are welcome to change to something more comfortable.
Saturday – Business Casual
  • We’ll be attending a series of technology workshops in the morning in addition to a few presentations to the whole group.


Join our slack (ais2018sclc.slack.com) by clicking here.

To help manage shuttles, workshops, questions, and everything else going on for this conference, we will be using Slack. Slack is a free message application that will allow us to all receive/send messages as a group, and as sub-groups (referred to as channels) based on subjects. Check out https://slack.com/is for some more basic information about slack and how to use it.


For this year’s conference, we will be creating a resume book for our sponsors, compiling resumes from all conference attendees. Please email us a PDF of your one page resume to resume@utdallasais.org with the subject line “Conference 2018” before April 10th if you would like it to be included in the book.

Campus Map