Student-led Technology Workshops

Topic & Presenter Description & Requirements
AWS: The Cloud’s Swiss Army Knife

Alex Anderson

Got a classy startup you are working on? Want to get your latest project on the cloud in the least painless way possible? Cloud service providers are popping up like crazy, with AWS being the top of the pack. This workshop will serve as an intro to many AWS services. We will also walk through getting a fully-developed project hosted as quickly as possible with very little effort on your part.


  • AWS Account (;
  • Familiarity with command line/terminal;
  • Familiarity with servers, clients, databases, etc.
Business Analyst Online: The Power of Mapping

Madison McCormack, Makayla D’Urso, Robert Blier
Roger Williams

Business Analyst Online is the most powerful geographic info system available. The program has detailed consumer data that can be manipulated and mapped to help businesses gather market insights allowing them to make faster, smarter, and better business decisions.


Data Visualization using SAP Predictive Analytics

Miria Jiron
Nova SouthEastern

We will cover: Installing and getting started with SAP Predictive Analytics on your own laptop. Use data visualization to analyze ERP data using SAP Predictive Analytics. When the number of dimensions is small, we can use standard graphing techniques for visualization e.g. bar charts, line charts, histograms, pie charts and scatter plots. In this exercise, you will use basic visualization techniques to analyze ERPSim data. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to confidently use datasets to create beautiful visualizations that help with interactive and structured storytelling and decision making!



Michael Matthews

In this workshop, we are going to go over the high-level benefits of encapsulation and microservices and how Docker implements these two ideologies in a new and exciting way.


  • Install Docker (for windows or for Mac);
  • Beginning understanding of the command line, servers, and APIs
Introduction to Cyber Security and Hacking

Andrew Sanford

This class will cover the basics of cybersecurity, focusing on individuals rather than corporations, and give an introduction to Kali Linux. The first part of the class will cover topics including cryptography, attacker types, major threats and mitigations, etc. The second part will help familiarize students with some of the resources and capabilities of Kali Linux. Links for each topic will be given to where students can learn more and take their first steps into a much larger world.


Persuasive Presentations

Kyle Longhurst

Have you ever wondered what Steve Jobs did to make his presentations so powerful? Come learn some secrets, tips, and tools that will take your presentation to the next level. Whether you are presenting to a group of your peers, faculty, or a high stakes board room meeting, this presentation will help you persuade people with your presentations. Come with the latest version of Keynote or PowerPoint installed on your machine.


  • Preferred experience with PowerPoint/Keynote
Up and Running with Salesforce

Dustin Ellis, Edward Sun

This 1 hour session will introduce students to the world’s #1 CRM solution – Students will start off by learning what Salesforce is and how it’s cloud-computing, low-code platform powers applications for over 150,000 companies. Students will then follow along and use Salesforce Developer Edition (DE) to create a Conference and Workshop system in Salesforce. The best part? No coding experience is required, and no coding will be needed to follow along in this presentation. All students will be using Salesforce’s Point-and-Click features, along with Community Builder, to build their applications. This course will not create expert Salesforce developers, however it will leave students with a better understanding of Salesforce and they’ll be provided with resources for Continuing Education (CE) for follow-on exploration of the platform.


Writing Functions in VBA

Logan Baranowski

Add a great deal of value to your Excel knowledge by writing your own custom functions. We will cover VBA Basics, debugging, mod, if statements and loops through a tutorial done during the workshop. No prior programming experience required.


  • MS Excel 2010 or later