On-Site Guide

This on-site guide is meant to give you the information you need to get around to the different conference events. We have provided information that will be helpful once you have arrived in Provo, and should help you have an enjoyable time during the conference.

Conference Event Locations

Please see Conference Schedule for a list of what activities will be held at each location.

Dress Code

Thursday night – Casual
  • We’ll be at a ropes course, so you’ll want to wear something that you can run, climb, jump in. The weather in Provo is a little bit fickle at this time of the year (it snowed in the valleys this weekend), however the forecast shows 60s-70s (F) for the conference. You will definitely want to bring a warm jacket/sweatshirt for Thursday night at the Ropes Course. Tennis shoes are a good idea here.
Friday – Business Professional
  • We’ll be visiting companies, attending leadership sessions, and competing during the day. The awards dinner will be at 6PM Friday evening.
  • For the social activity after the awards dinner, you are welcome to change to something more comfortable
Saturday – Business Casual
  • We’ll be attending a series of technology workshops in the morning in addition to a few presentations to the whole group


To help manage shuttles, workshops, questions, and everything else going on for this conference, we will be using Slack. Slack is a free message application that will allow us to all receive/send messages as a group, and as sub-groups (referred to as channels) based on subjects. Check out https://slack.com/is  for some more basic information about slack and how to use it. Here is a short overview of how we will use Slack during the conference. You can also sign up here.


For this year’s conference, we will be creating a resume book for our sponsors, compiling resumes from all conference attendees. Please email us a PDF of your one page resume to ais.resume@marriottschool.byu.edu by April 17th if you would like it to be included in the book.

Conference Shuttle Services

If you need shuttle services, log on to the Slack team and request them in the #Shuttles channel.

Brigham Young University Campus

We are excited to welcome you to the beautiful campus of Brigham Young University. You may know that BYU is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has an Honor Code that students agree to follow. As such, you won’t be able to find your morning coffee or tea and will need to have that before you come to the conference as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea aren’t permitted on campus. We also ask that you adhere to the dress standards (business professional dress will be fine).

Conference Location Map

Click here for an interactive map with more locations.

Tanner Building Map

The link above has maps of each floor of the tanner building, but below is some helpful information for navigating around the building.

The Tanner Building has entrances on the first and fourth floors. First floor entrances are on the north and south sides of the building, and can be accessed from the Tanner Building Parking lots including the graduate parking structure. The fourth floor entrance is on the east side, and can be accessed from the visitor parking lots.

The first four floors are split into east and west sides of the building. Rooms in the west side are marked with a “W” in front of the room numbers, and the first digit of the room number indicates what floor it’s on (W408 is on the west side fourth floor).

The following maps show rooms the conference will use highlighted in yellow:

Tanner Building Floor 1

Tanner Building Floor 2

Tanner Building Floor 3

Tanner Building Floor 4

For more maps of the Tanner Building you can click here.

BYU Visitor Parking

The Visitor parking is marked in red, and Tanner building parking lots are open to everyone after 4 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors to the Marriott School may park in the BYU visitor parking lots that are designated in red on the map below. In addition to these lots, several fifteen-minute parking spaces are located in the lot on the south side of the Tanner Building (shown in purple on the map below).

Tanner Building lots are open to everyone after 4 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Wireless Internet Access

BYU has guest wifi access available for all visitors. The SSID is BYUGuest and after you connect you will be presented with a terms and conditions page that you will have to accept the first time that your device connects. For more information about wireless networks please see the article at this link.

Most of the rooms also have wired network connections available at the Presentation Podium (aka TEC Podium)

Presentation Connection Information

The classrooms in the Tanner Building are equipped with a Presentation Podium (aka TEC Podium) and projector. This podium has a Windows PC with current versions of Microsoft Office and some other common software (BYU NETID REQUIRED), as well as common cables to attach laptops (HDMI, VGA, DVI, Rj45 Ethernet).  Please see the following link or ask for assistance operating controls.