AIS Student Chapter Logo

Below are logos for your chapter’s use. By downloading these images you agree to these terms:

  • The logo is only used for an active AIS student chapter in good standing.
  • The vertical and horizontal proportions of the logo must always be maintained. The logo may not be tilted or deformed.
  • The logo also may not be created freehand or typeset using one’s own set of fonts.
  • The ® must always be part of the logo.
  • AIS reserves the right to determine the ultimate use of the logo, including how, when and by whom it can be used.

Logo Spacing / Protective Zone

The minimum required distance from the logo for placement of text or graphic elements must be 10% of the width of the logo. (Example: If the logo is 200 mm wide, the distance must be 20 mm.) This rule applies for any and all uses of the logo. In case of printed materials where the logo is placed at the edge of the paper, the minimum distance from the edge of the format is 20% of the logo width.

Color Definition

C=87 R=53 286
M=49 G=103
Y=7 B=154

In printed materials, fliers or on posters, the logo is easiest read in the basic color version on a white background. If this is not possible, the logo can be used on a light-colored background. The logo must always be easy to read on any material. It is not recommended that the logo be used on a busy background.

Minimum Logo Size

The minimum logo size equals the smallest possible reduction in which the logo is still easy to read. The minimum width of the logo is 1.5 centimeter.

AIS Review

Please provide AIS with a copy of the logo use prior to printing. AIS retains the right to decline the use of its logo if it does not feel the use of the logo is in the best light of the organization.



If you have questions about the use of these logos, please contact