Creative Financing 101

Occasionally, we are asked for suggestions on how to cover the costs of operating a student chapter. Here are a few ideas which successful chapters have employed in the past.

1. Sponsorships: The businesses and industries within your community are ripe for being approached to become a partner with your student chapter. With a nominal sponsorship of say $500, you can then offer them the opportunity to make a presentation at your student chapter meeting where they have a chance to show how they use information systems, can inform students of potential jobs/internships openings, and get to know future graduates whom they might like to consider hiring. This is a great opportunity to showcase their business and get to know your chapter. They might even be willing to bring pizza! Want more ideas from a 2014 AIS Distinguished Student Chapter? Contact Mark Huber, Faculty Advisor, University of Georgia AIS Student Chapter.

2. Member dues: Everyone needs to have some “skin in the game.” This reinforces the concept of “no deposit, no return.” Just make sure you communicate your value proposition clearly and often. Your student chapter offers huge value to network, excel in the classroom, and get an IS job/internship faster. A nominal dues of $25 per semester, for example, in exchange for access to these benefits is really quite a bargain. Sell it that way!

3. Fundraisers: Sure, we’ve all participated in fundraisers in one form or another. But not all fundraisers are created equal; the key to a successful one is planning. Check out this link for creative ideas and fundraising fundamentals before proceeding with your own plans. Want to learn more about successful fundraising ideas? Review the annual reports of past winning chapters.

Written by Pete Tinsley,CAE AIS Executive Director

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