Bluemix U Ambassador Program

Bluemix-U-2-300x279[1]Bluemix U Ambassador Program…Learn while earning prizes

 There’s an exciting opportunity for full-time undergraduate students to become campus ambassadors for IBM Bluemix which allows you to create, deploy and manage your applications in the cloud.

Ambassadors will:

  • Receive free access to Bluemix and the ability to upgrade their account for free
  • Learn more about the platform and upcoming Bluemix events
  • Host tech events, meetups, and demos on campus


Complete Challenges

We have 3 types of challenges available on the hub: Fun, Education, and Asks, which will help you learn more about Bluemix. Each challenge is associated with a point value which you can redeem for prizes.


As a Bluemix U Ambassador, you have the opportunity to network with many of your peers and professors in the cloud platform community.

Earn Rewards

As you accumulate more points, you can exchange them for swag and other perks such as pitching your app to an IBM exec, or earning an internship at IBM.

Learn more:

Sign up:

Follow us @IBMBluemixu

Take a flyer to your next meeting or pass along to a faculty member. Click here to download.


IBM Bright ICT Bluemix Competition

IBMCloud_Herographic_Blue_900pxBright ICT Bluemix Competition

As students and future practitioners of Information Systems (IS), you can play a significant part in making the Internet a safer place for organizations and society in general.  The Bright ICT Bluemix Competition, sponsored in partnership with IBM, will allow you to demonstrate the impact that IS can have in making the Internet a safer place by challenging your team of 1-5 individuals to design and implement an innovative IS solution leveraging the power of IBM Bluemix platform-as-a-service to prevent undesirable and dangerous activities on the Internet. Examples include (but are not limited to): Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, Cyberbullying, Internet Extortion, etc. In short, if it is happening on the Internet and it is causing harm to an individual or an organization, it is fair game!   Click here to learn more. 


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For more information, click here.