• Analytics Challenge

    First Place – Analysis: Temple University

    First Place – Visualization: Roger Williams University

    Second Place – Analysis: Georgia College & State University

    Second Place – Visualization: University of Michigan, Dearborn

    Third Place – Analysis: Roger Williams University

    Third Place – Visualization: University of Michigan, Dearborn

  • Bright ICT Competition

    First Place: Nova Southeastern University

    Second Place: University of Alabama

    Third Place: University of Gdansk

  • Security Competition

    First Place: Brigham Young University (Cougar Team)

    Second Place (tie): Brigham Young University (SEC Team) & Temple University

  • Video Competition

    First Place: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (video)

    Second Place: Brigham Young University (video)

    Third Place: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (video)