Gaining Competitive Advantage

One of the main benefits for students joining the Wayne State University Student Chapter of AIS is to gain a major competitive advantage in the IT field. The organization is new and was formed in 2014, but strives to provide numerous benefits to its members. Not only do members of the association gain important insights into the information systems field, but they also gain world-wide recognition through competitions and awards programs. Wayne State’s Information Technology Organization (ITO) strives to provide its members with professional development and career opportunities.

The chapter president stated, “The mission of ITO is to promote the study and utilization of information systems through programs of professional development, social networking, and community development.” ITO has objectives in order to help complete its mission. Throughout the 2014 period the group accomplished its objectives by organizing numerous chapter events and presentations. One of the featured presentations was, “How to Think like a Futurist” by Sheryl Connelly, a Ford Motor Futurist. The presentation helped students see where IT was going and what opportunities they can expect to see in the next few years. ITO also hosted presentations on topics such as IT security, inbound technology, and how to succeed in IT.

Members of ITO have also gained a competitive advantage through participating in the “Big Data Analytics Challenge,” partnering with Detroit TechWeek, touring Wayne State Data Center, and attending conferences such as the INBOUND Marketing Conference in Boston. The organization optimized opportunities for students through a variety of presentations and events.

As a newly active chapter on the Wayne State Campus, membership has grown to 34 active members. ITO hopes to continue recruiting new members to the chapter through the use of social media and attending student organization fairs. The group communicates through multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter and its own website.

ITO plans to continue to focus on growing the chapter and also providing current and future members with opportunities to give them a competitive advantage. Students can benefit from chapters like ITO by getting involved with the professional world, networking and gaining insights into the IS field. This AIS chapter provides students with opportunities to further themselves in their careers before they enter the job market.