Membership Retention: Featuring the IM Society at the University of Alabama

Organizing a group of 30 or 40 can seem a daunting task, but what about hundreds? How do you keep everyone involved, let alone organized? Today’s post features the AIS Student Chapter at the University of Alabama and what they do to retain and organize their member base (of 247 students), and although that’s a large group, I guarantee that smaller Student Chapters can also benefit.

First and foremost, make people feel like they belong. It’s simple, but once you make friends within your Chapter, sometimes new people can be forgotten about! If you have a time, try a fun little ice-breaker to help bonding as a group and helping members get to know one another.

In order to better organize their Chapter, AISSC at the University of Alabama have created additional “affinity groups.” There’s the Women in IT, the Capstone Minority IS Society, and the IT Society. These affinity groups have their own independent events and activities to match the needs of their members, as well as campus-wide events to bring them together. Having these affinity groups helps new members find a like-minded group, and makes it much easier to plan for events. Thanks to their hard work, they have managed a 100% involvement rating of seniors, and 97% of juniors who are in the MIS Program. They’re doing something right!

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