The University of Georgia, SMIS

How has your Student Chapter helped the community? This past year, the Student Chapter at the University of Georgia, called the Society for MIS (SMIS), has had an impact in not only their local community, but across the nation.

At the local level, SMIS worked closely with Free IT Athens. Free IT Athens is a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring computers to the community at low cost. Free IT Athens collects computer hardware and sells it at low cost after refurbishing the hardware. SMIS helped upgrade system RAM and install hard drives with Ubuntu on them as part of the refurbishing process. Using Ubuntu, the free, open-source operating system, saves money and lowers the price of the computers. After SMIS refurbished the computers, they were ready to be given to Free IT Athens and sold to the Athens community. Altogether, SMIS volunteered more than 60 hours through the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Society for MIS didn’t stop there, though. Taking their community service to the national level, SMIS partnered with Relay for Life. The American Cancer Society has many fund raisers, but Relay for Life is the largest of them all. The University of Georgia has been recognized by the American Cancer Society as one of the top colleges in the nation that are involved with Relay for Life and has been raising an average of $500,000 every year. SMIS did their part through a baked goods sale where they sold snacks, water, and soda. Their proceeds, $200, went to support an organization that benefits the nation.