Setting Goals: University of Michigan Dearborn

At the beginning of every year, student chapters set out to create, meet, and hopefully exceed  their goals. The University of Michigan-Dearborn AIS student chapter believes, “Setting goals is a cyclical process. The idea is born, belief brings it to attention, whereupon incubation in each person who has been influenced by the goal has a desire to fulfill and improve upon the efforts to accomplish the goal.” Keeping true to this process, the UMD ITM Club set goals, reached them, and immediately asked “What’s next?”  to see the club succeeded beyond expectations. The charismatic and optimistic nature of this chapter, which celebrates every victory big or small, fuels the success of their organization. The UMD ITM Club strives to increase participation in their community service projects, social events, and team-building activities by providing members with first-hand experiences in the IT fields that interested them.

The organization partnered with the school’s Career Services Office to create resume books of all active members. They sent the book to corporations showcasing students who would be exceptional assets to the success of that company. This improved the resume quality of the students participating in the workshop and boosted the number of interested companies that wanted to recruit students from UMD.

One of the many challenges that come along with a small scale university was the lack of funding. While raising money to support the operations of their chapter, the ITM Club also met their goal of offering social events and team-building activities. Their semi-annual bowling night, now in its fourth year, is an opportunity for members to network with other students, alumni, and faculty. The winter session of the event had record high attendance and raised the most money of any fundraiser in ITM Club history. In total between the two sessions of the event, the club was able to raise $1,361.45.