Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is important for any organization, and none can do it better than AISSC!

At the University of Delaware, students worked with KPMG in order to raise a total of $1,005 for the March of Dimes Foundation. They also worked with the Ronald McDonald House preparing kits for kids, from toiletry bags to goodie bags.

Students at Indiana University used their knowledge of Information Systems to create a SQL Database for the Indiana University Dance Marathon, an annual fund raiser that has raised more than $2,000,000 in donations for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Before the chapter set up the Databases, that $2,000,000 in donations was being recorded in an Excel spreadsheet! Members put in a total of 860 volunteer hours to complete the project.

At the University of North Texas students also put their knowledge of Information Systems in use – in this case, web design. A local church in their community was looking for a new website design, and wanted to be able to accept online donations. Originally, the church was paying nearly $100 per month for their web-hosting. After the new website design and some careful shopping, AISSC at UNT drastically reduced the monthly fees of the website from $100 to only $6 per month. Talk about savings!

The students at McMaster University are also adept web-designers and planners. Helping local artists create an on-line presence, AISSC at McMaster University volunteered their time to offer at minimum 5 hours of consulting to any artist that was interested. With an on-line presence, these artists are expected to see an increase in sales and growth as their business gains more exposure on the web, and consulting time prepared them to make educated decisions to grow their on-line presence on their own.


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