Student Chapter Spotlight: Follow-up University of Georgia

The Society for Management Information Systems (SMIS) at the University of Georgia continues to shine within the Terry College of Business. The success of the organization is founded on the involvement and relationships of students, faculty and professionals in the fields of computing and information systems. It is due to this involvement from the Management Information Systems community as well as the SMIS Executive Board that has allowed the organization to gain national recognition. Within the past three years, SMIS has been recognized as a Distinguished Chapter in 2011 & 2012 and has been awarded the prestigious AIS Student Chapter of the Year Award in 2010. The mission this year for SMIS is to continue on this prosperous path of achievement by reaching out to more students, both MIS and non-MIS majors, and diversifying its portfolio of companies that come to present.

The University of Georgia is the state’s oldest and most diversified institution of higher learning. Currently, UGA is home to approximately 35,000 students. Of those enrolled, approximately 2,600 are in undergraduate programs and approximately 600 are in graduate programs within the Terry College of Business. The business school consistently ranks competitively in U.S. News & World Report. The Management Information Systems program holds true to this coming in at 8th on the list of best MIS College Programs in the United States.

SMIS reaches out to the 200-plus MIS majors within the business school, yet the organization has seen an increase in diversification of members’ majors, especially in the amount of Computer Science and Terry-related majors. SMIS is able to garner involvement from all of its members through multiple events held throughout the Fall and Spring Semester. These events include: Bi-weekly company presentations with professionals from firms including Apple, the Big Four, Chick-Fil-A, and Microsoft; networking dinner socials; the Fall Recruitment Dinner; high school outreach programs; and Relay for Life. The organization is always looking for more ways to get involved in the MIS community, and has goals to add a Fall or Spring MIS Career Fair and an alumni event to its upcoming calendar.

SMIS’s view for the future as stated is to continue to excel as an AIS student chapter. To achieve this vision, each Executive Officer has set goals for his or her position, and has set metrics to measure the goal’s process. Some of the goals set for the Fall Semester include:

  • Creating a new modern side that rebrands UGA SMIS in a positive manner
  • Reaching out to at least one new company that has not been represented on UGA’s campus
  • Increasing membership by attracting more MIS majors to the organization

These are just a few of the short-term goals set. Long-term goals of the organization include hosting the 2015 Student AIS Conference and attracting non-MIS majors to apply for membership.

SMIS has proven to stand the test of time as a professional organization. With a strong backing and continual strive for improvement, the organization’s future looks bigger and brighter than ever before.