Young Adults have a Strong Presence in the Tech Work Force

Technology has advanced at amazing speeds these last few decades, especially technology related to computers. So if a company needs a new employee with computer skills, what better employee is there than one who grew up using computers? It probably won’t come as a surprise to most, but companies in technology related fields tend to hire more younger workers than other fields.

An article published in the New York Times has some hard numbers to that fact, thanks to a survey on the topic by PayScale. The article, titled Technology Workers Are Young (Really Young)  states that while the average age of workers in America are 42.3 years old, in PayScale’s survey of 32 successful tech companies only 6 had an average employee age greater than 35.

Here’s a quick block quote from the article highlighting the average working age –

“The company with the oldest workers on the PayScale list, Hewlett – Packard, came in at 41 years. The other five companies with older workers, in descending order of median age, were I.B.M. Global Services (38 years old), Oracle (38), Nokia (36), Dell (37) and Sony (36). The seven companies with the youngest workers, ranked from youngest to highest in median age, were Epic Games (26); Facebook (28); Zynga (28); Google (29); and AOL, Blizzard Entertainment, InfoSys, and (all 30). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only shoe stores and restaurants have workers with a median age less than 30.”

So, if you want a job straight out of college and you’re looking in the IT field you’re in luck – it looks like companies out there are hiring plenty of young adults.

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