2nd Annual Student Competition Finalists

Finalists Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the following teams have been selected as finalists for the 2012-2013 AIS Student Competition.  Congratulations!  In all, 82 teams from 17 universities submitted competition materials for the virtual round. Finalists are invited to compete onsite during the AIS Student Chapter Conference to be held in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA from April 18-20. The onsite competition is held in conjunction with 2013 Walmart IT Summit and AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference.

IT Risk Identification  

University Team Members
Arizona State University T.J. Wey, Diego Ortiz-Monasterio, Yonathan Vivas
Carnegie Mellon University , Qatar Jaasim Polin, Daniel Cheweiky, Zuhair Ghalib
Temple University David Dupell, Magen Sheeran
University of Alabama Robby Knight, Elizabeth Roberts, Deanna Sparks, Meghan Wilgus
University of Michigan-Dearborn Kelly Turner, Tom Fitzgerald, Austin Abair, Eric Rocheleau
Utah State Vishal Patel, Dannaea Ward, Eric Schnell


Systems Analysis and Design

University Team Members
Bentley University Brendan Colford, Mackenzie Segura-Cook, Alina Usmanov, Ryan Hebert
Brigham Young University Tahna Black, Brock Walters, Sean Thornton, Ryan Craig
University of Alabama Melissa Nesman, Maxwell Rivers, Taylor Konkel, Chaeeon Lim
U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Antonnete Chiamas, Nirav Patel, Jannard Remo
University of Michigan-Dearborn Kyle Bridges, Austin Abair, Josh Hohner, Roy Porter
University of North Texas Evisa Lumani


IT Management

University Team Members
Carnegie Mellon University Qatar Haris Aghadi, Aysha Anggraini 
Indiana University Bloomington Joseph Helou, Ankush Balekundri, Karl Nickl
Temple University Brittany Hafer, Veer Patel, Gabrielle Lopez
The University of Memphis Austin Marlar, Nicholas Matlock, Dominique Ligon, Jeremy Calhoun
University of Alabama Raychel Martin, Ben Patrick, Mario Larussa, Jill Clark
University of Michigan-Dearborn Kelly Turner, Tom Fitzgerald, Austin Abair, Josh Hohner


Interactive Learning Modules

University Team Members
Carnegie Mellon University Qatar Nabeeha Fatima, Sumya Khandaker, Tasneem Jahan
Temple University Joshua Wise
University of Alabama Joshua Robinson, Dustin Marlowe, Ethan Miller, Stephanie Mitchell
University of Illinois at Springfield Andrew Wooley
University of Michigan-Dearborn Kyle Bridges, Joe Rushing
Utah State University Gina Baldazzi


Thanks to all those who participated in the virtual competition this year. We look forward to a great onsite competition in April.

Please note the following important registration and travel information.

Registration Information

Teams should register for the onsite competition by:

1.    Filling out the following finalist competition registration form by March 15, 2013 whether or not you are able to attend: [Link Depreciated]

2.    Registering as a chapter for the 2013 AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference.  This step may be done in conjunction with your faculty advisor.  [Link Depreciated]

Registration to the conference/competition is complementary for competition finalists. 

Additional information

Please visit [Link Depreciated] for additional information about the 2013 Walmart Summit and AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference.

Competition Tracks

Content areas for each track may vary from year to year depending on the interest of the students and the faculty involved in the competition. In this year’s competition, there will be four tracks:

Track Description
IT Risk Identification You will read a case about a medium sized non-profit clinic that is looking at moving its home grown in-house operational systems to a new Electronic Health Record offering.  The Executive Director must decide between traditional client/server or SAAS proposals and she is worried about the relative risks of each. You should prepare a presentation that summarizes and compares the risks of both proposals and make a recommendation about what the Executive Director should do.
Systems Analysis and Design Senna RaceNow Academy is a racing school that is trying to automate most of its processes.  The case details a conversation between RaceNow employees and your team, a group of consultants, is responsible to create a use case diagram, a class diagram, and multiple sequence diagrams for the new system that will be developed.
IT Management You will read a case about MobileMusic, a content provider that is analyzing two new potential lines of business.  The case details the current situation of MobileMusic in a variety of dimensions (for example, infrastructure and personnel) and asks your team (representing a team of external consultants) to help prepare the IT Director for an important strategic meeting. Your team’s task is to present your recommendations as described in the case.
Interactive Learning Module This track encourages students to select a topic, form a team, and produce a learning/tutorial module. This learning module can be submitted in the form of online video tutorial, audio or video podcast, tutorial documents with screenshots, or a blog posting with detailed instruction to learn a new technology. Topics should be closely related to technical knowledge within the MIS curriculum.


Although the competition focuses on undergrad students enrolled in an active AIS student chapter, teams with graduate students are also allowed, as long as at least half the members of the team are undergraduate students and all team members are enrolled in an active AIS student chapter. Refer to specific track guidelines for additional information about team size.

Materials Availability and Submission

Materials for each of the tracks are accessible for open viewing. Multiple submissions for each school are allowed, however, a maximum of one team from each school for each track will be selected to participate in the onsite competition.
See individual track guidelines for specific submission information.

Competition Pre-registration

Once you have decided what tracks you would like to compete in, please fill out the following registration information so that you receive any updates related to the competition: [Link Depreciated]

General Dates

The following are general dates for the competition:

  • December 1 – Pre-registration opens; Virtual competition begins
  • February 1 – Virtual competition materials due; judging begins
  • February 15 – Notification of results
  • April 19-20 – Track Finalist Competition at Walmart in Bentonville, AR


Please contact Tom Meservy or Alex Lopes if you have any questions related to the student competition.


Thomas Meservy, Brigham Young University
Alex Lopes, Indiana University 
AIS Student Competition Co-Chairs