Student Chapter Spotlight: AIS BYU

November 2012 Student Chapter Spotlight:
Brigham Young University AIS Student Chapter

The AIS student chapter at Brigham Young University is having a banner year. Membership is up, club sponsors are up and student activity and involvement is way up. BYU-AIS is focused on preparing students for successful technical careers while having fun. Members of the chapter have participated in a number of sponsored activities this year including: a night at the arcade, a ropes course, rock climbing, tumbling gyms, comedy nights, formal dinners, and tech talks from C-level executives. Students are able to learn about potential career opportunities while enjoying themselves. BYU was also honored to host the 2012 AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference in April.

Behind the scenes, the leadership team which is composed of 12 officers, works up to 10 hours a week putting together activities, maintaining sponsor relationships and working to improve the Information Systems program as a whole. This year, they have impacted not only the members of the club, but all current and future members of the IS department by creating a student mentorship program, focusing on recruiting the best students to the program, and working on leveraging current club relationships into the future. The AIS leadership attributes much of their success to two factors: 1) tremendous support from the faculty at the Marriott School of Management, and 2) the club is managed like a professional organization.

As bright as the past has been for BYU-AIS, they are even more excited about the future. BYU-AIS looks forward to continuing their great relationships with fellow AIS student chapters and learning from them. They will continue to build upon the value that BYU-AIS offers students and continue to develop more relationships with external sponsors. BYU-AIS believes there is no limit to what their members can achieve, and are passionate about helping them reach their potential.