Featured Student Spotlight: Michelle Dy-Reyes, Temple AIS

March 2012 Featured Student Spotlight: Michelle Dy-Reyes, Temple University

Michelle Dy-Reyes is a senior at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, majoring in both International Business and Management Information Systems.  She has also been the President of the Association for Information Systems student chapter at Temple University (Temple AIS) for two consecutive terms.

Michelle first joined Temple AIS in spring 2009.  At the time it was called AMIS (Association of Management Information Systems) – until it became the first student chapter of AIS in 2010 and changed its name to Temple AIS.  Upon joining the organization, Michelle immediately ran for a position as Director of Marketing – a position she held from 2009-2010 – in which her diligent work ethic was quickly recognized.  Her peers and teachers were impressed with her professionalism, drive, attitude, and communication skills – which directly reflected on her effectiveness as Director of Marketing.

At the end of her sophomore year, Michelle was elected president of Temple AIS – where she galvanized members to get more involved, and nearly doubled the membership in her first year as president. Recognized for this accomplishment and others, she was re-elected for a second year. This year as president, Michelle was instrumental in starting AIS IT services – a new consulting function in which MIS students provide IT solutions to real-world clients.  This function aims to provide true experience for students to engage with clients, collaborate in teams, and deliver their needs.

Under her leadership, Temple AIS has been recognized by AIS as being one of the top chapters in the world numerous times, winning the title of “Outstanding Student Chapter” in both 2010 and 2011. Most recently, the Temple AIS has made it to the finals in numerous different categories for the inaugural AIS student competitions.

Throughout her college career, Michelle has had a wide range of experiences at companies like Google,

AstraZeneca, and Microsoft. Michelle was selected as the Google Student Ambassador representing Google and its products on Temple’s campus. At AstraZeneca, Michelle interned in the IS project management office, conducting user acceptance and performance testing of one of AstraZeneca’s global applications and, although she did have an AstraZeneca sponsor, she operated independently with customers in many countries including US, UK, Russia, Japan, and Sweden.  She effectively represented the customer needs and many customers were surprised to learn that she was an intern.  At

Microsoft, she was selected as the Microsoft Student Partner where she led five Microsoft product campaigns and exceeded expectations in four months on Temple’s campus.

After her graduation in May 2012, Michelle aspires to pursue her MBA and travel the world, helping companies increase efficiency through technology/management consulting.