Student Chapter Spotlight: SMIS at UGA

November 2011 Student Chapter Spotlight: Society for Management Information Systems, University of Georgia

Recipient of the Inaugural Chapter of the Year award for 2009-2010, the Society for Management Information Systems at the University of Georgia (SMIS) has been persistent in setting an example for excellence. Over the past year, they have held over 33 company presentations with a combined estimated value of $4.795 trillion (USD). Currently, under the leadership of Chase Smith, the new chapter President, SMIS has grown to over 140 dues paying members, not only making it one of the largest AIS student chapters, but also making the organization the largest it has ever been in its 25 year history! SMIS is truly showing tremendous growth and has provided numerous opportunities throughout the year to benefit their members.


In the fall of 2010, they hosted their annual Fall Recruitment Dinner (FRD) which gave members the opportunity to interact in a professional, formal setting with 13 different companies from all different industries. In the spring of 2011, they implemented a committee system within our organization. This gave members the opportunity to gain leadership positions, get more involved, and express their passion for MIS. Currently they have 4 committees, each of which has worked on various projects throughout the year. For example, members of one committee worked on IT projects with service organizations like Alternative Spring Break (ASB), where the two organizations collaborated together to automate ASB’s registration process. The same committee also worked to transition the current platform of SMIS’s website to a friendlier user interface. While the committee system is just one way in which SMIS helps its members to develop their IT experience, it was an essential component of their success.

Over the past year, SMIS has made major progress in professional development, community service, and connecting students with alumni. This year, they held two fundraising nights at local restaurants where a certain percentage of the proceeds generated from our members were put aside by the restaurant to benefit the American Red Cross association. To better connect students with MIS alumni, SMIS designed and implemented a new alumni database and included an interface on their website, which allows them to stay in touch with recent and past graduates.

SMIS held their very first annual Alumni Event this year, where members were given the opportunity to network with faculty and graduates of the school. SMIS also hosted its first ever general office visit with PricewaterhouseCoopers giving members the opportunity to briefly experience the professional environment of a Big 4 company.

SMIS recognizes achievements of their club members as well as general MIS students by holding a Farewell to Seniors Event at the end of both the fall and spring semesters. During this event, the organization recognizes students who have just graduated, provides them with dinner, and occasionally awards deserving individuals with MIS scholarships. Through events like this, the community service projects they has completed, their numerous networking opportunities for students, as well as the leadership opportunities offered to their members, SMIS is constantly improving and continuing to raise the bar for excellence.