A group of IS faculty gathered at AIS’s August conference (the American Conference on Information Systems – AMCIS) in Toronto and formed a task force to discuss changing the AIS mission and charter to formally include undergraduate and master’s students. The group presented a successful proposal to the AIS council at the December conference in Paris (the International Conference on Information Systems – ICIS).


The inaugural student chapter conference was held April 2009 at Temple University. The first AIS student chapters were chartered in September 2009.  The founding chapters were inducted into AIS at a special ceremony in December 2009 at ICIS in Phoenix.


In 2010, the second annual student chapter conference was held at Georgia State University, the AIS student chapter advisory board was formed, and the first annual student chapter awards were presented ICIS in St. Louis.


The third annual student chapter conference and 1st annual student competition was hosted by Brigham Young University in April 2012.