Student Bluemix Information

Training for Bluemix

Bluemix Developers Community  @

Overview, getting started, how-to & tutorials, videos, and way to ask questions.

Student Developer Community @

Starting point for student-developer-related content to grow cloud skills, ask questions, find hackathons, become a Bluemix Ambassador and more.

Quick Start Demos @

Watch quick how to videos to get you started.

Student Bluemix Promo Code

IBM Academic Initiative team will provide to AIS promo codes for students participating in the AIS competition (valid through April 2016).

Click here to complete the code request form.  Please Note: These codes should only be used for students interested in the 2016 Bright ICT Bluemix Competition.

After submitting the form it may take up to 5 business days for you to receive your promo code from AIS.

Faculty Bluemix Information

Faculty Bluemix Promo Code

For instructions on how to sign up for free, one year, Bluemix access, click here to review the PDF.

  • Request Bluemix code (see three steps on page five of the PDF for instructions)
  • Pages 8-13 have screenshots of steps to request Bluemix promo code.

NOTE:  If you do not have a specific course, you can enter “AIS Student Competition” as the course name.

Faculty Resources and Courseware

For more information on free faculty resources and courseware, click here.

You can find additional information on page 13 of the IBM Academic Initiative for Cloud PDF. Click here for the PDF