Welcome from Dr. Rhonda Syler, AIS VP of Student Chapters

AIS VP Student Chapters, vpstudentchapters@aisnet.org

Welcome! Starting a new chapter could be an easy or challenging decision for you and your campus. I understand exactly where you are! I recently chartered an AIS student chapter at my institution. For us it was an easy decision. I have been a member of AIS for many years and believe in its mission and particularly, the mission of the student chapter program. We hope you will find a home at AIS. We are here to answer your questions and offer guidance along the way. Please reach out to me or the AIS Staff studentchapters@aisnet.org if you have any questions.

Benefits of Having an AIS Student Chapter

What advisors have to say about the program

Why did you start a student chapter at your school?

“To increase student engagement and provide more IS related resources among the undergraduate IS student population.” dawn.owens@utdallas.edu

Dr. Dawn OwensUniversity of Texas, Dallas

Why did you start a student chapter at your school?
“We believe membership in a professional organization is vital to students’ assimilation into the profession. It enhances their career. We are interested in helping student embark on a professional career, as opposed to simply finding a job”. jeffrey.johnson@usu.edu

Dr. Jeffrey JohnsonUtah State University

“Employers today aren’t looking to hire graduates that did the bare minimum to earn their degree.  They want to hire people that are willing to put in the effort to better prepare themselves for the workplace after graduation in the areas that might not be covered explicitly in the curriculum such as leadership and professional network building.  Since many of us are members of AIS, the AIS Student Chapters program was the logical choice to serve as the platform for us to offer these types of development opportunities to our students.”  jlparrish@nova.edu

Dr. James ParrishNova Southeastern University

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