Train from the Salt Lake Airport to Provo

  • From the airport head to the South most entrance (The mountains are to the East)
  • At the South doors of the airport there are ticket machines to purchase your TRAX ticket to get to the Frontrunner
    • Fares are $2.50 for a one way pass (Only covers TRAX)
    • Group passes are also available for groups of 4 and cover both TRAX and Frontrunner
    • Trains usually depart every 15 minutes
    • Schedules can be viewed here:
    • Ride the TRAX until you reach “North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe” station (If you can see the Jazz stadium you’ve gone too far)
    • Exit the TRAX and head down the escalator/stairs down to the frontrunner station
    • A different ticket booth will be on the platform where you will need to purchase another ticket (If you purchased the group pass you can skip this step)
      • Fares are about $6.50 down to Provo
    • Board the Southbound train to Provo (The mountains are to the East)
      • Trains depart every 30 minutes during the busier times of the day (Morning and Afternoon) and every hour otherwise
        • Select Southbound
      • Provo is the last stop on the Southbound route. Once arrived, exit
        • If you miss this stop, the train will turn around and send you back North

Transportation from the Frontrunner station to the Hotel


  • Uber is limited in Provo with not very many drivers available
  • You can give it a shot, but have a contingency plan just in case


  • If you purchased a group pass when traveling your bus fare is covered
  • At the station there are a variety of different bus route that you can take to get to your hotel

Provo Marriott

Springhill Suites

  • 830
    • No door to door service
    • Hotel is across the street from small shopping center and right next to Denny’s
    • Route will pass the Marriott Center (Basketball arena) on the left, Lavell Edwards Stadium (Football Stadium) on the right, then a big field on the right. You will need to get off at the shopping center which is right next to the field and Springhill Suites will be across the street

Residence Inn




Car Rentals

All relatively close to Provo Frontrunner Station.