Gaining Competitive Advantage

One of the main benefits for students joining the Wayne State University Student Chapter of AIS is to gain a major competitive advantage in the IT field. The organization is new and was formed in 2014, but strives to provide numerous benefits to its members. Not only do members of the association gain important insights into the information systems field, but they also gain world-wide recognition through competitions and awards programs. Wayne State’s Information Technology Organization (ITO) strives to provide its members with professional development and career opportunities.

The chapter president stated, “The mission of ITO is to promote the study and utilization of information systems through programs of professional development, social networking, and community development.” ITO has objectives in order to help complete its mission. Throughout the 2014 period the group accomplished its objectives by organizing numerous chapter events and presentations. One of the featured presentations was, “How to Think like a Futurist” by Sheryl Connelly, a Ford Motor Futurist. The presentation helped students see where IT was going and what opportunities they can expect to see in the next few years. ITO also hosted presentations on topics such as IT security, inbound technology, and how to succeed in IT.

Members of ITO have also gained a competitive advantage through participating in the “Big Data Analytics Challenge,” partnering with Detroit TechWeek, touring Wayne State Data Center, and attending conferences such as the INBOUND Marketing Conference in Boston. The organization optimized opportunities for students through a variety of presentations and events.

WayneStateUniversityFlierPostAs a newly active chapter on the Wayne State Campus, membership has grown to 34 active members. ITO hopes to continue recruiting new members to the chapter through the use of social media and attending student organization fairs. The group communicates through multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter and its own website.

ITO plans to continue to focus on growing the chapter and also providing current and future members with opportunities to give them a competitive advantage. Students can benefit from chapters like ITO by getting involved with the professional world, networking and gaining insights into the IS field. This AIS chapter provides students with opportunities to further themselves in their careers before they enter the job market.

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Creating Value for Members

The Saint Joseph University’s AIS chapter has gone to great lengths in the past year to grow the relevance and importance of Business Intelligence and Information Systems (BITS). The organization seeks to create value for members through events promoting professional development. It is designed to act as a resource to Business Intelligence majors and minors providing members with resources to build resumes, network and become more involved on campus.

StJosephsOne of the most important events the chapter hosts is the annual Business Intelligence Networking Night. The night features participants from firms such as Brooksource, Apex Systems, Comcast, Ernst & Young LLP and more. The night includes a meet-and-greet style networking event that allows students to network with people in the industry. BITS also hosts noteworthy speakers who present important information and insight to students and members regarding the information systems field.

Along with multiple professional development opportunities, the organization encourages members to be involved in community service as well. Members of BITS participated in volunteering at Project Home located in Philadelphia, helping individuals break the cycle of poverty. They also volunteered with Cradles to Crayons, providing children from low-income homes with essential items they need to thrive. Community service opportunities like this are excellent opportunities for members to build resumes while helping people in need.

The club consists of 45 active members and continues to recruit and grow through word-of-mouth marketing by officers and highly involved members. As they look toward the future, the chapter plans to implement fundraising activities within the next year, increase membership, and continue to expand events and activities.

“Through hard work and a motivated team of officers, BITS will continue to thrive and create value for its members as the Business Intelligence concentration continues to grow at Saint Joseph’s University,” said current President Giana Alongi.

2014 Student Chapter Award Winners

10 predictions for the IT job market in 2016

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IBM Bright ICT Bluemix Competition

IBMCloud_Herographic_Blue_900pxBright ICT Bluemix Competition

As students and future practitioners of Information Systems (IS), you can play a significant part in making the Internet a safer place for organizations and society in general.  The Bright ICT Bluemix Competition, sponsored in partnership with IBM, will allow you to demonstrate the impact that IS can have in making the Internet a safer place by challenging your team of 1-5 individuals to design and implement an innovative IS solution leveraging the power of IBM Bluemix platform-as-a-service to prevent undesirable and dangerous activities on the Internet. Examples include (but are not limited to): Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, Cyberbullying, Internet Extortion, etc. In short, if it is happening on the Internet and it is causing harm to an individual or an organization, it is fair game!   Click here to learn more. 


SAP Innojam Information Now Available!

We are happy to announce that the details of the 2016 SAP Innojam at the AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference are now available!

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Security Competition Case Study Now Available!

The security case study is now available for the AIS SCLC 2016!

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Student Chapter Spotlights – The American University of Cairo

AIS around the World

AIS chapters around the world have dedicated the past year to bringing awareness to IS and IT programs both on and off campus. The Association of Information Systems at the American University in Cairo has excelled at promoting the AIS mission. The chapter was established and accredited in March of 2010 and has since been working to spread awareness, recruit and establish the organization across the community.

The American University of Cairo’s AIS chapter has involved members in professional development in many ways. The group has hosted forums allowing students and members to further develop skills and extend the knowledge beyond what they may receive in a classroom setting. The group created a series of weekly lectures with guest speakers from the Egyptian professional community to help students develop unique IS skills. “The forums also feature a workshop program whereby students can sit down with the IT professionals and experts in focus groups to understand the technical workings in more detail,” said current President Marina Nabih.

Another noteworthy accomplishment of the chapter in the past year was their effort to gain accreditation of the IS major. They started by interviewing with the accreditation body. The university’s MICT major has since then been triple crowned by three different accreditation bodies. The chapter plans to continue this role when it comes time for reaccreditation in the future.

The American University of Cairo AIS group members have proven to be excellent in their efforts of communications, membership and professional development. In terms of communication, they distribute information and news through a variety of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, email and more. Their continuous effort to communicate with members allows everyone to stay connected and involved. Digital communication and social media techniques are also used by the chapter to help with awareness and recruitment.

Overall, their membership efforts have been very successful along with the variety of events that they have hosted for professional development purposes. The chapter was recognized for excellence in these areas at the Membership Award Luncheon last year.