Everything Alumni

More than likely, you know someone from your student chapter who’s either already graduated or will be graduating very soon. And although some people see graduation as the end of their involvement on campus, graduation can be a brand new beginning! That’s right, this post is all about alumni. Although many student chapters already have programs in place to reach out to alumni, this post covers a few alumni programs and ideas from Temple University, Illinois State University, and the American University in Cairo.

First off, invite alumni as guest speakers. Topics could range from college experiences and helpful tips to their work experience, tips for interviews and resumes, or what their careers in Information Systems looks like. Q&A sessions work great for this!

Mentor and Mentee programs. Pair alumni with new members in order to not only help them get the most out of their education, but also from their Student Chapter! Temple University has a program that they call the “Alumni Buddy System.” Alumni were encouraged to continue coming to events and meetings, and made sure their “buddy” knew what was going on with AIS and their Student Chapter. It’s a great way to foster new friendships and ensure that no one’s left out!

Host an alumni advisory board. Have a question? Submit it to the alumni for an answer! In this scenario, alumni that aren’t available to come visit could put together a page of Q&A, similar to if they were invited as a guest speaker.

Job search. Since AIS Student Chapters produces the best of the best, what alum wouldn’t want to recruit from your Chapter? Be sure to ask alumni to pass along job information!

If your Student Chapter doesn’t already have an alumni program, hopefully this was able to give you a few ideas to get you started. If you don’t have any alumni network at all, try putting a phone and email list together in Excel and grow from there! Be sure to reply on our Facebook page with how your Student Chapter includes alumni or how you manage your alumni network!