Fundraising for your Student Chapter

Outside of recruiting new members, fundraising is perhaps one of the hardest things to do in a Club. If you’re in charge of fundraising and are fortunate, your University provides some sort of funding for student organizations. In other cases, your club may have to write letters or give a short presentation to the school board explaining why the University should support your club. Sometimes though, you won’t find monetary support at your university.

If you don’t receive funding from your University, be sure to ask around, it could be very rewarding for your club and save some headaches! But let’s say that’s not enough, what other options do clubs have for fundraising?

Partner with local businesses! Many restaurants allow organizations to create a coupon that when used, sends part of the bill back to the organization. The Rowan University Student Chapter partnered with a local Landmark Americana Bar and Grill and were able to receive 25% of total proceeds. With that sort of agreement, a $10 meal sends $2.50 back to the club. If it’s a popular place, and the fundraiser lasts for a month, how many people do you think will dine there?

Host a party! Some businesses allow you to rent out space for large groups, which you can then use to charge admission and host some fun games and food. The University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Chapter hosts an annual Bowling fundraiser, which is their largest fundraiser of the semester. Buying a ticket to their fundraiser gets you 3 games of bowling, pizza, and pop. If you’re going to do a fundraiser, food is a good seller, but why not have some fun too?

As a final suggestion for club fundraisers, consider competitions that your club can compete in. The Bentley University Student Chapter was fortunate to have monetary support from their University and academic departments, but they also earned money from a prestigious competition…The AIS Student Chapter competition! Joining us in our annual leadership conference and competition is a great way to learn new skills and have a great time working as a team, and you may even earn some money towards your club!

Do you have any suggestions that have worked well in your club? Be sure to reply on our Facebook page!