Staying in Touch

How does your chapter stay in touch with its members? Do you have a website or an email list? Do you make use of Twitter or Facebook?

People connect to the internet through their computers, laptops, tablets, phones and even smart TV’s – so what better way to promote your club than through a website! The Student Chapter at Arizona State University uses their website to host club news and upcoming events to keep its members updated, in addition to email reminders and their Facebook page. As a member, the website also hosts voting for club officers and things like voting for a t-shirt design. If you ever needed to learn more about the club and you couldn’t meet them in person – their website is the place to go! Visit it at

Although emails are good reminders for events and meetings, sometimes emails still aren’t fast enough. Headed north, to the Student Chapter at University of Montana, emails were good, but texts and phone calls were better. While members were connected through emails, club officers would get friendly reminders to their phone about meetings and the like. In order to give their members time, emails about events were consistently given a week or more in advance and follow-up emails were sent out either the day before or the morning of the event.

Wright State University’s Student Chapter also made use of emails and a website, but they also wanted to keep students informed in-person. In order to do this, students received permission to introduce their MIS Club to MIS classrooms. In addition, they created fliers which they put on the schools electronic bulletin boards. Although a presence through social media, emails, website and the like are good and efficient in their own ways, nothing beats out an invitation from a classmate.

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