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Welcome to the home page for Student Chapters of

The Association for Information Systems (AIS).


AIS Student Chapters strongly promotes the success of the Management of Information Systems field, and part of that is in dealing with Big Data…take a look at this 1st place winning video, from the 2014 Student Chapter Conference and Leadership Competition, which highlights how Information Systems are not only employable, but they also make our world a safer place.

This site provides a forum for current and prospective IS students as well as IS faculty to learn more about how to start and grow a student chapter.

AIS believes that undergraduate and graduate students in Information Systems are critical to the future of the discipline. The leadership of AIS has committed the resources, structure, and support necessary to build this vital component of the association.  We invite you to investigate this opportunity thoroughly and determine how an student chapter can enhance your advancement of IS on your campus.

By chartering an AIS student chapter, you will:

  • Increase the visibility of your IS department both on and off campus
  • Access shared resources to fast track your student organization
  • Increase student engagement and enhance IS course enrollment
  • Network with other faculty advisors

AIS student chapter members will:

  • Gain a competitive advantage to succeed within the IS field
  • Gain world-wide recognition thru competition and award programs
  • Network with students from around the world
  • Expand their career opportunities

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