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The Arizona State University AIS Chapter, known as DISC (Deparment…
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AIS Students in the News

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University of Cincinnati, IS Club

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Welcoming the New Year with a new Student Chapter!

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Gaining Competitive Advantage

Gaining Competitive Advantage

One of the main benefits for students joining the Wayne State…
Creating Value for Members

Creating Value for Members

The Saint Joseph University’s AIS chapter has gone to great lengths in the past year to grow the relevance and importance of Business Intelligence and Information Systems (BITS). The organization seeks to create value for members through events promoting professional development. It is designed to act as a resource to Business Intelligence majors and minors providing members with resources to build resumes, network and become more involved on campus...

IBM Bright ICT Bluemix Competition

Bright ICT Bluemix Competition As students and future practitioners…
AIS Around the World

Student Chapter Spotlights - The American University of Cairo

AIS chapters around the world have dedicated the past year to bringing awareness to IS and IT programs both on and off campus. The Association of Information Systems at the American University in Cairo has excelled at promoting the AIS mission. The chapter was established and accredited in March of 2010 and has since been working to spread awareness, recruit and establish the organization across the community.


Students in Information Systems are critical to the future of the discipline. The AIS leadership has committed the resources, structure, and support necessary to build this vital component of the association.

We invite you to evaluate this opportunity thoroughly and determine how a student chapter can enhance the advancement of IS on your campus.

Why an AIS Student Chapter? (2016 Video Competition Winner)


  • Increase the visibility of your IS department both on and off campus
  • Access shared resources to fast track your student organization
  • Increase student engagement and enhance IS course enrollment
  • Network with other faculty advisors

For more information on chartering an AIS Student chapter, click here.


  • Gain a competitive advantage to succeed within the IS field
  • Gain world-wide recognition through competition and award programs
  • Network with students from around the world
  • Expand their career opportunities
Dr. Dawn Owens

Why did you start a student chapter at your school?

“To increase student engagement and provide more IS related resources among the undergraduate IS student population.”

Dr. Dawn OwensUniversity of Texas, Dallas
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

Why did you start a student chapter at your school?
“We believe membership in a professional organization is vital to students’ assimilation into the profession. It enhances their career. We are interested in helping student embark on a professional career, as opposed to simply finding a job”.

Dr. Jeffrey JohnsonUtah State University
Dr. James Parrish

“Employers today aren’t looking to hire graduates that did the bare minimum to earn their degree.  They want to hire people that are willing to put in the effort to better prepare themselves for the workplace after graduation in the areas that might not be covered explicitly in the curriculum such as leadership and professional network building.  Since many of us are members of AIS, the AIS Student Chapters program was the logical choice to serve as the platform for us to offer these types of development opportunities to our students.”

Dr. James ParrishNova Southeastern University

The Future of IS